What is Fantasy Cricket Online?

Yes it is all about giving a free rein to all your fantasies. Imagine your favorite players can play a game of cricket and you can end up winning prizes. No, you do not have to go to the cricket field to actually see the game. All you require for playing fantasy cricket online is a computer that is internet enabled and the zeal and enthusiasm for the game of cricket. Many of us dream and fantasize about many things, but how many of us can actually be a part of this fantasy? Cricket lovers have this opportunity of realizing their dreams by participating and playing a game of fantasy cricket online.

There are numerous websites in the internet that give cricket fans the chance of playing fantasy cricket. All you will need to do is find out such sites and play the game. Rules for playing the game are very easy. Anyone, even if someone is not a cricket lover can play the game. The rules are so simple that anyone will love and enjoy playing the game. All you will need to do is get registered on the sites that provide you the chance of playing the game and start playing it.

You need to follow certain rules for playing the game. There will be a list of international cricket players assigned with some points. The points allotted to them are based on their overall form and performance before a particular series starts. You will have to select the entire team based on a particular number of points allotted by a particular site. The idea is to see how well you are able to select a team that is balanced in all areas. Remember you will have to balance your team within the total allocated total point, you cannot exceed that.

The team that you choose must be properly balanced with 5 batsman and 4 bowlers, an all-rounder and a wicketkeeper. Remember to populate your team with the right amount of senior players and emerging talented newcomers as well. After all no team can win a game just on the basis of experience and nor just on the strength of talented emerging newcomers. So you must choose a team that has just the right balance.

Before you actually start playing a fantasy cricket online แทงบอลออนไลน์ game, you must be properly aware of all the rules and regulations for playing the game. Most websites offering a game of fantasy cricket online game to visitors have a section that describes in detail the rules of regulations for playing the game. You can also check out how points and bonus points are allocated to players and on what basis.

After you have selected a team to play the fantasy cricket online game for you, actual on field performance of players determines whether your chosen teams will actually win the game or not. Depending on how well they perform in the field, the points of your selected team member will keep on increasing or decreasing. At the end the on field performance of the players will actually determine whether your team has won the match or not.

While choosing your team never get swayed by big names and players with mountains of statistics. Remember the player may be having tons of runs in his name, but if he does not perform in that particular tournament, he can become a liability to the team. Always go by current form when you are selecting a member for your fantasy cricket online game.